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2017The directional spectrum of pedagogical action in the context of foreign scholars’ viewsMozgovyi, V.; Мозговий, В. Л.
2021The ecological component of agrotourism development under the COVID-19 pandemicOleksenko, R.; Bilohur, S.; Rybalchenko, N.; Verkhovod, I.; Harbar, H.; Гарбар, Г. А.
2018The impact of migration processes on human capacity development in the regions of UkraineOhiienko, M.; Ohiienko, A.; Огієнко, М. М.; Огієнко, А. В.
2018The influence of globalization and international integration processes for the development of regional transport and logistics systemsNazarova, L.; Ohiienko, A.; Назарова, Л.; Огієнко, А. В.
2020The influence of tourist potential on expansion of hotel management of Mykolaіv regionOhiienko, M.; Ohiienko, A.; Nazarova, L.; Ivannikov, S.; Огієнко, М. М.; Огієнко, А. В.; Назарова, Л.; Іванніков, С.
2016The integration of theory and practice as a segment of the modernization of higher library education (from experience of Separated Subdivision «Mykolaiv branch of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts»)Shuliak, S. O.; Шуляк, С. О.
2019The Personality Oriented Concept of Students’ Musical Thinking Development in Higher Educational Institutions of ArtPikhtar, O.
2023The problem of the cultural crisis in today’s information-digital societyTsurkan, I.; Цуркан, І.; Obukh, L.; Обух, Л.; Bannikova, K.; Баннікова, К.; Khudiakova, A.; Худякова, А.; Kotorobai, S.; Которобай, С.
2023The Quantitative Analysis of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) for Learning EnglishDonii, V.; Доній, В.; Sharova, T.; Шарова, Т.; Filatova, O.; Філатова, О.; Kavun, L.; Кавун, Л.; Zemlianska, A.; Землянська, А.
2021The search for new forms of personal expression in the era of postmodernismKyrychenko, M.; Nikitenko, V.; Voronkova, V.; Harbar, H.; Гарбар, Г.; Fursin, A.
2021The SongКедіс, О. Ю.
2021Training of future teachers in innovative teaching methods in the process of teaching arts and craftsChyrchyk, S.; Atlanov, V.; Kravchenko, A.; Lohinskyy, Y.; Tryhub, O.; Тригуб, О. Л.
2020Trends in modern hotel business development: world and national experienceШуляк, С. О.; Shuliak, S.
2021Trends in modern сultural tourism as an export strategy for tourism developmentБондарчук-Чугіна, І. Ю.; Орлова, О. В.; Bondarchuk-Chugina, I.; Orlova, О.
2017Units of nationally biased lexicon as the symbols of national cultureOrlova, О.; Орлова, О. В.
2023Use of information technologies in the state policy in the field of culture: advantages, disadvantages and prospectsГололобов, С. М.; Hololobov, S.; Мірзоян, К. О.; Mirzoyan, К.
2017VIVAT GUITARА!Федотова, Н. В.; Акманов, Д. О.; Гриненко, С.; Сологуб, В. Д.
2020Ways to invest in developing cultural tourism based on the conservation and value of the cultural heritage of the Northern Black SeaБондарчук-Чугіна, І. Ю.; Орлова, О. В.; Bondarchuk-Chugina, І.; Orlova, О.
2022Wellness-менеджмент в сфері гостинностіОбозна, А. О.
2018Zaхмарна бібліотекаШкроботько-Чорна, А. Л.