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2020 рік
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2020Modeling of accounting and analytical support for managing of the financial condition in a facilityKrylenko, V.; Hurina, O.; Horbatyuk, T.; Janicki, M.; Криленко, В.; Гуріна, О.; Горбатюк, Т.; Яніцкі, М.
2020Theoretical aspects of the influence of economic cycles and crises on the stability of functioning of subjects of the food sphereNazarova, L.; Назарова, Л.
2020Socio-economic basis for the formation of economic activity of the population: theoretical and methodological aspectsSkupskyi, R.; Zubkov, R.; Skomorovskyi, A.; Скупський, Р.; Зубков, Р.; Скоморовський, А.
2020The main problems of the Ukrainian national innovation system formation and the prospects for the establishment of the state strategic management institute of innovation activityNetudykhata, К.; Нетудихата, К.
2020Theoretical aspects for establishment of a mechanism of financial support for sustainable development of the regionHurina, O.; Sobolenko, V.; Kaczmarek, J.; Гуріна, О.; Соболенко, В.; Кочмарик, Ж.
2020The latest trends in economic activity in the regional labor marketKaitanskyi, I.; Iakovunyk, O.; Iakovunyk, D.; Niesto Gomes, S.; Кайтанський, І.; Яковуник, О.; Яковуник, Д.; Нієсто Гомес, С.
2020Conceptual problems of attracting foreign direct investment in the regional economyZavhorodnii, А.; Завгородній, А.
2020Land use in Ukraine on the basis of sustainable development and rational useDranus, L.; Dranus, V.; Prokopyshyn, О.; Дранус, Л.; Дранус, В.; Прокопишин, О.
2020Precision agriculture in Ukraine and prospects of it’s useKryvoruchko, V.; Криворучко, В.